License Plate Recognition

MiniAiLive LPR sdk, integrating self-developed license plate positioning, license plate character segmentation, license plate character recognition and other recognition algorithms, can realize all kinds of license plate recognition such as blue and yellow cards, supports Android, IOS operating systems, adopts Video recognition and photo recognition mode, the license plate information is swept away.

MiniAilive LPR Product Superiority

Recognition Speed

0.5 SEC

Recognition Accuracy


Recognition Range

150 degree

What we offer

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Support Multiple Recognition Modes

Support video recognition and photo recognition mode, and the license plate information can be obtained by swiping.

License Plate Recogntion
License Plate Recogntion

Long Range Indent Recognition

The maximum recognition distance can reach 10 meters depends on the video & image input quality

All Types of License Plate Recogntion

Support blue plate, yellow plate, trailer license plate, agricultural license plate, Hong Kong and Macau entry and exit license plate, Macau and Taiwan license plate, civil aviation license plate, new energy license plate and other license plate recognition

License Plate Recogntion
License Plate Recogntion

Support Android and iOS Operating Systems

– Support Android system ARM platform and PDA X86 architecture

– iOS system mobile phone ARM platform

Picture / Video Input

Supports input of standard definition and high definition pictures / videos

License Plate Recogntion

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